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One Stop Service

Design Assistance

We offer complete design assistance from concept of part or machine to finished mold. Our goal is to create the finest mold available that processes with zero defects. Using simple 2-D CAD systems for the easier parts and Solid for the more complicated we can render true 3-D models. From this stage we can easily create CNC Code so that models or molds
can be 


Computer Aided Drawing and Manufacturing: J.SILP ENGINEERING  offers a full complement of CAD/CAM services, with rapid prototyping available on site. If you require drawings or CAD files, our ENGINEERING department can generate them from your CAD data or completely from concept,  And with in-house Wire cut and CNC machining capabilities, J.SILP ENGINEERING is on the cutting edge of tool and prototype construction.

Prototyping When you need a part and want to make sure of the concept, we can supply full ENGINEERING drawings as well as rapid prototyping made to your specifications in the desired material.


Prototypes can be based on your drawings – or we can take your concept and develop drawings from it. Rapid prototypes may be machined or produced by other means to provide you with a sample of how your part will look, feel, and perform.

For many designs, a prototype mold can be designed and built in a matter of days, giving you a quick, short-run tool at a fraction of the cost of a production mold…and your parts can normally be made from the same material as will be used in production, or rapid prototypes made from other materials.And what about design changes? J.SILP ENGINEERING can help you contain your development costs and rapid response to design changes.


J.SILP ENGINEERING can also manage large capital investment projects that involve outside tooling companies. Email or fax your sketches or ideas and we will do our best to help assist.

Injection Molds

If your plans are to prototype, we can offer assistance with CNC machined models  using a wide variety of plastics. At we offer custom pre-molds that deliver a molded sample in requested polymer and of course, production molds of single cavity and family molds. We design and build many molds in house and outsource some depending upon specifics of each part. We always insist on very high quality from internal group and from our outside partners. Has any company ever built a mold at no charge to you? We have on occasion, please contact us.

Plastic injection parts

Our injection molding machines vary in size from 80 tons to 350 tons. We have a wide rage experience in single custom parts to high cavitations to over molding. We expert in both of tight tolerance parts requiring very precise quality control measures until general plastic parts that need to be molded at a low price.

Quality Control: Our customers enjoy the flexibility that we offer to custom tailor quality their needs. Many molding companies simply mold and ship. We demand much more from our molding team and they proudly deliver. You tell us what you want and we will custom write protocol to conform to your needs. If you need assistance we will offer quality guidelines.

Part Gating:
Choices of gating include simple edge gating, submarine gates, and hot runner.
Cost is typically less expensive for edge gating and more expensive for hot runner. The  advantage of hot runner is that there is no plastic runner to recycle or to dispose of. Please call us for further information and design assistance.

Materials and Resins: At J.SILP ENGINEERING, we have working expertise in a wide range of resins and materials.  But perhaps even more importantly, we have experts who can assist in evaluating and selecting the material which will work best in your application. Strength hardness, rigidity/flexural properties, static dissipation and perhaps the most important factor-cost...we'll assist you every step of the way. Below is a list of some of the plastics we routinely process. And the sample part.

  • Polystyrene--high impact
  • Polyethylene--(LDPE, HDPE)
  • PVC--rigid/flexible
  • Polypropylene
  • ABS
  • Nylon 6,46,66
  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • TPU
  • POM
  • Filled materials


If you want to assemble plastic parts together or assemble plastic parts with machine part,
screw, or baring, J.SILP ENGINEERING can serve your needs either component will be supplied by you, or will be supplied by J.SILP ENGINEERING.


J.SILP Engineering

Our molding machines vary in size from 80 tons 1 oz to 350 tons. We specialize in tight tolerance parts requiring very precise quality control measures to general plastic parts that need to be molded at a low price. Flexibility is what helps us to grow and to deliver high quality parts time after time. From single custom parts to high cavitation to overmolding we can help.
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